Globally, the most cost effective financial advice & management platform available!

FEAD is a completely independent financial services provider, providing generally electronic financial advice and services to members who owns or plan to own any investment, pension fund, savings product and policy or risk product. FEAD creates a direct link between our clients and product provider or asset managers, making it the most cost effective way of investing, saving, retiring or buying a risk product in SA while receiving professional financial advice. With no commission or brokerage fees deducted from a client’s funds we reduce your investment cost by as much as 80%.

FEAD also specializes in providing Financial Management services for SME’s.

Founded on the belief that every individual and business needs to take responsibility for the stewardship of resources entrusted to them, FEAD’s passion is to partner with you in caring for, and improving these resources over time. Our approach will guarantee positive results.

FEAD – Changing the financial services industry to what it should be …

Read more about your investment options, and have access to useful investment information and tools.
  • Save up to 80% on fees
  • Utilize FSB approved funds
  • Maximise growth
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Will your post-retirement income be sustainable? By using FEAD you will increase the possibility of a sustained income, by minimising fees and thereby increasing your income by up to 40%! Prevent capital erosion... Read more
Cash management
Get to a point where you can save at least 20% of your income, by becoming a member of FEAD we will teach you step by step how to reach this goal!
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Let us show you how
You may be losing thousands or millions on your investments, savings or retirement funds without realising it! More than 95% of investors are paying unnecessary fees while not realising the effect of these elevated fees/costs, by using FEAD you can save up to 80% on these fees. Read more