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You are losing money!

You may be losing thousands or millions on your investments, savings or retirement funds without realising it! More than 95% of investors are paying unnecessary fees while not realising the effect of these elevated fees/costs!

You have been putting a lot of effort and hard work into accumulating your savings, investment and pension funds. Why do most people so easily just pay someone to invest their money for them, without realising the huge effect, these costs have on the growth of their funds? You are capable of getting the same service and assistance from FEAD, and by using FEAD you can save up to 80% on these fees.

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FEAD will show you the way!

Did you know that you can increase your wealth by up to 100% over time by using the power of compound interest in conjunction with lower fees?

Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal, so that, from that moment on, the interest that has been added also earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compounding.

The graph below illustrates the outcome between exactly the same investments, the only difference is 0% commission and reduced platform fees over time!

Increased Investment Value

When you become a member of FEAD we will show you how to reduce your financial cost/fees and Increase your wealth considerably over time.


Maybe it’s time YOU start managing YOUR investment fees?

Do you understand the effect of cost/fees and commissions on your savings, investments, retirement fund and other policies? Investment fees normally consist of three areas, Administration fees, Fund Manager fees and Advisor/Broker fees. You can reduce these fees by up to 80%!!!

Let us explain the effect of this through 2 examples.

First Example:

A client saves R 4 000/pm towards her/his retirement over 25 years, at current average industry fees your maturity value will be around R5.86mil with certain assumptions (Inflation avg – 5.8%, Contribution growth – 7% per annum, average annual yield – 10.8%, minus current average industry fees). The same client with the same assumptions (reduced fee to minimum, no commission and minimal or no administration fees), who implements FEAD principles, will have close to R8.8mil after 25 years (Same risk, same growth, same term).

Second Example:

A client with R 5million at retirement – Invests in a living annuity with 2.4% as it’s total annual fees and certain assumptions (Inflation/Income growth – 5.8%, Average annual yield – 10.8%, First years income R 324 000). After 25 years the client will withdraw R12mil income and have R1.49million left as capital. Through implementing FEAD principles (with the same assumptions as above) the total income withdrawn over the same 25 years will be R 14.8million (additional R 2.8mil income) with a capital value of R2.9million (95% higher capital value) after 25 years. (Same risk, same growth, same term).

FEAD, will show you the way!!!

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