Membership Options

View the table below to understand the different levels available to members. After careful consideration you can proceed to the membership page and advance from there. If you need assistance on which option would be best suited please e-mail Jacques Otto at (We recommend contacting us prior to selecting an option.) We have an once-off membership option as well.

FEAD is an authorised Financial Service Provider.

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Description Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
1. Bi-annual newsletter containing updates on the economy, JSE, financial products and concepts Yes + Training on personal cash flow management Yes + Training on personal cash flow management Yes Yes
2. FEAD to assist with queries on any personal financial products, options, funds etc Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Invitation to annual seminar on financial topics Entrance Fee Payable Entrance Fee Payable Discounted Entrance Fee Free Entry
4. Access to all tools/calculators on FEAD’s website Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. Assistance in selecting the most cost effective investment platform. Yes Yes Yes Yes
6. Personal meetings per annum (Currently Western Cape only) None, only electronic communication None, only electronic communication None, only electronic communication Up to 2
7. Utilise FEAD secure portal to share personal financial portfolio for review and receive education and facts about current products and information on alternative more effective products No Yes Yes Yes
8. Direction and assistance on implementation of new direct investments/ savings / annuities / income and other financial products, cutting costs of investment by as much as 400% No No Yes Yes
9. Fund fact sheets containing information on asset allocation, risk and performance, as per personal portfolio No No Yes Yes
10. Continuous assistance, information, updates on services as above also assistance on fund changes, % income withdrawals, additional investments, tax certificates/clearance etc. No No Yes Yes
11. Portfolio Management No No Yes Yes
12. Administrative Support No No Yes Yes

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