Our Philosophy

Changing the Financial Industry as you know it…

FEAD (Financial Efficiency And Direction (Pty) Ltd) was founded on the belief that every individual needs to take responsibility for the stewardship of the resources (money), entrusted to them. Stewardship embodies responsible planning and management of those resources entrusted to him/her. It is the act of improving, and caring for resources over time. Purpose: To help create a society that saves, effectively!

We believe that it is too expensive to Invest, Save or Retire with a combination of current market conditions and fees charged by the Financial Industry.

FEAD’s Value Proposition

FEAD value proposition

FEAD will take you through a process whereby we will show you how to implement various changes and strategies on your current or new financial products / investments (utilizing FSB approved investment vehicles), which will equate to a saving of up to 80% in fees (and no commission), thereby increasing your capital values by up to 100% or increasing your Income by as much as 40% over time. Through minimising your fees/cost you can now effectively use the power of compound interest!

FEAD puts its clients first.

Jacques Otto completed his B Com (Hons) in Financial Management in 1999, and joined the financial industry where he found that something was not working favorably towards a positive outcome for the client / investor. He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and received the CFP trademark. Since his first encounter with the financial industry more than 12 years ago, calculating every cost, fee and commission, critically reviewing and calculating clients growth/yields versus fund values and realizing that the industry needs to change for the benefit of the client, he decided to start a company that will advice and teach people how to make their money work for them and not just for a third party.

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When seeking financial advice, why do we insist on going to financial advisers and brokers who receive their income from selling products or services? Somewhat like receiving counsel on buying a car from a car dealership? Can you get advice somewhere else? FEAD has a brilliant concept, read more or just follow the steps.

The norm is that you will receive advice from an advisor that might be biased, according to which company pays better commission or provides a better service towards him/her and not necessarily what’s best for the client. Providing a service with no-commission or fee payable by a third party removes this predicament.