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FEAD Agri's mission is to elevate and influence the agricultural sector, not only within Africa but on a global scale. With projections indicating that the world's population will soar to 9.1 billion by 2050 and the necessity for a 70% increase in food production, the urgency for transformative action is undeniable. Highlighting the fragility of global food security, Ms. Menker emphasized at a TEDGlobal event in Arusha, Tanzania, the critical need to assess the nutritional value of current food production.

An exemplary endeavor of FEAD Agri was its pivotal role in the largest operational land reformation project in South Africa. Makepisi Agri, under its auspices, annually yielded close to 50,000MT of fresh produce, providing employment for 1650 to 1900 individuals at any given time across nine communities, encompassing over 30,000 households by the time FEAD Agri concluded its involvement.

Continuously exploring agricultural prospects across Africa, FEAD Agri acknowledges the myriad challenges prevalent in developing countries. From financial constraints to sourcing quality inputs, foreign exchange fluctuations, and logistical hurdles in reaching target markets, FEAD Agri is committed to collaborative efforts with stakeholders spanning government agencies, private equity firms, global financiers, logistical entities, suppliers, and customers to foster a more sustainable agricultural future.

Additionally, FEAD Agri is actively engaged in the supply and distribution of fresh produce, catering to diverse markets ranging from local and export markets to retailers and consumers. Addressing the alarming 33% global food wastage, with approximately 1.3 billion tons lost or wasted annually, FEAD Food endeavors to mitigate this inefficiency through strategic planning and market development initiatives in developing nations.

Complementing its endeavors, FEAD Agri extends its reach into trading and distribution of essential commodities including fertilizers, sugar, soya, wheat, and others, further fortifying its commitment to revolutionizing the agricultural landscape.

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